Thriving together through trauma-informed healing and education

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100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change

Module 1 starts this Nov (Live Online)

Yoga for Humankind is a social enterprise training organisation and global community dedicated to embodied trauma-informed education and social change.

We offer healing-centred personal and professional programs and services to nurture wellbeing, connection and a thriving world for all.

Our work weaves together comprehensive research, practice and wisdom from:

  • embodied trauma healing: psychology, neurobiology, attachment, mental health, individual and collective trauma
  • trauma-informed yoga
  • embodied mindfulness
  • somatics
  • social justice
  • earth-based practices

Who are our programs and services for?


in their own journey of healing and personal development


for yoga teachers, social workers, educators, community and health professionals, therapists, corporate leaders and social entrepreneurs, social justice advocates, activists and cultural change leaders


seeking training in trauma-informed practice and leadership

Our offerings


Join our public programs for personal healing and resilience, or our 30hr & 100hr professional trainings in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change.


One-on-one therapeutic sessions in trauma-informed yoga and body-focused trauma therapy with our accredited and experienced team members.


Tailored training for organisations and teams in somatics, staff care, trauma-informed practice and leadership.


Explore a wide range of resources and recommendations in trauma-informed yoga, trauma theory, embodiment, social justice and more.


See our full calendar of events here.


100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change

Our 100hr certification comprises our four key live online training modules, offering a comprehensive, trauma-transforming practice.

Dates: Module 1 starts this 8 Sep and 11 Nov 2022 (In-Person) and 8 Nov (Live Online)

Venue: Choose between our In-Person or Live Online training

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30hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Foundations

Our 30hr Embodied Trauma-Informed Practice & Facilitation/Trauma-Informed Yoga Foundations training provides a comprehensive foundation in Yoga for Humankindโ€™s integrative, transformational and embodied approach to trauma-informed yoga โ€“ weaving yoga, social justice and spirit for personal and collective wellbeing.

Dates: 7-11 October 2022
Venue: Alice Springs

Dates: 8 November – 8 December 2022
Venue: Live Online via Zoom

Dates: 11 – 15 November 2022
Venue: Melbourne

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10hr Yoga for Connection, Healing & Resilience

A six-week experiential, personal practice program in embodied yoga and mindfulness for connection, healing, and resilience. This program is trauma-informed, inclusive and accessible.

Dates:Tentatively around February 2023, final dates TBA.ย 
Venue: Live Online via Zoom
Facilitator: Mei Lai Swan

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Why us?


Our approach to healing and education is about much more than information and individual learning. Alongside cutting-edge contemporary research, evidence-based practice, and ancient wisdom, our programs emphasise embodied learning and transformation in a diverse, global community.


We are committed to embodying what we teach: connection, equity, wellbeing, belonging, wisdom and social change. We are passionate about building community and regenerative cultures, and co-creating connected, wholehearted ways of being, belonging and becoming.


We are committed to making our programs and services accessible, equitable and rooted in practices of anti-oppression and decolonisation.


"It was an absolute pleasure and incredible learning experience. I am so grateful to Mei Lai and the Yoga for Humankind team for the opportunity to expand my knowledge around teaching yoga in a more inclusive way. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to hopefully joining you next year for the continuation of the course!"

Sarah Warner

Yoga Teacher

"Thank you. I am grateful I find Yoga for Humankind. Thank you to my teacher, Ria for introducing it to me. As mentioned, by far, this is the best school that I've attended. Accommodating, at home, I feel at peace, safe, and happy to be here. Thank you Mei Lai for all the things you do and for sharing your passion and your teaching. I will always look up to you. Thank you for putting in all the hard work, energy into this course and for the 100hrs for us to study especially for those who cant afford it. I am beyond grateful. Thank you, Thank you."


"Big thanks for the information, the practice, the guidance, the support and the community. It was such a wonderful space to learn. I felt seen, heard, held, guided and supported throughout the course. It felt wonderful and it made me want to provide the same kind of environment in my classes. Thank you so much!"


"It was such an interesting, engaging, practical and beautifully put together learning experience. Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow in a diverse, world wide community. I am thankful that I had the opportunity despite not coming from a yoga teacher background, I found the learning profound for my own journey and the work I do in the mental health sector."

Training Participant

"Thank you for such an amazing course, I have learned so much and will keep reflecting back and integrating it moving forward. I cannot recommend this course enough, what a wonderful group of people and a beautiful space and community created by Mei Lai. I feel like youโ€™ve all touched my heart and feel like I have been part of something incredibly special. Thank you again so much."

Training Participant

Register now for our 100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change



Register now for our 30hr Trauma-Informed Yoga Foundations