Yoga for Humankind is a yoga school and social enterprise dedicated to bringing the benefits of yoga, mindfulness and movement therapies to communities all over the world.


We do this by offering high quality specialised trainings in traditional and contemporary hatha, trauma-informed and community based yoga. We train global leaders in yoga and wellbeing to work effectively and with heart within their own communities. And we donate a percentage of our profits directly to community based yoga and development programs around the world.



We want to live in a world where people’s experience of life is one of wellbeing, connection and freedom. We see yoga as one of the key tools to making this possible.

We are equally committed to personal transformation and social impact.

We are a social enterprise, which means that just by training with us you are helping to share the benefits of yoga with others.


This is yoga for wellbeing, connection and freedom.

Our approach to yoga is a powerful integration of traditional and contemporary hatha yoga, somatic movement practices, trauma-informed and community based yoga.

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Yoga for Humankind brings together an outstanding international team of yoga, somatic movement and community work professionals with extensive experience and heart.

We draw together decades of collective knowledge and experience in traditional and contemporary yoga practices, trauma-informed yoga and somatic therapies, community work, social change and social justice.