Continuum Workshop

with Amber Gray (US)
YOGA.FORHUMANKIND_3 Amber teaching

The Untamed Body: Rewilding with Continuum

A 3-day Immersion with Amber Gray

24-26 February 2024, 11am-5pm daily
S’Well Centre, Hawthorn, Naarm (Melbourne)

The human world is often synonymous with the modern, civilized world – a world of walls, schedules, and speed. Our evolutionary ancestors slid across the earth, swam in the sea, and rested their bellies on the earth. Our own bodies remember this wildness: Our bio-intelligence.

Continuum is a movement practice originated by Emilie Conrad that uses breath and sound to awaken our innate, fluid movement. This weekend immersion combines explorations rooted in the imaginal and inspired by nature to invite our wild bodies home.

All are welcome, no prior experience needed. Tiered pricing & scholarships available.

In-Person Workshop

Upcoming Dates

Dates: 24-26 February 2024, 11am-5pm daily

Venue: S’Well Centre, Hawthorn, Naarm (Melbourne)

Facilitator: Amber Gray

All are welcome, no prior experience needed. Tiered pricing & scholarships available.


Dr. Amber Elizabeth Gray (US) is a pioneering human rights psychotherapist, innovative movement artist, award-winning dance/movement therapist, master trainer and educator, Continuum teacher, and public health professional. She is a member of the Editorial Board of the Polyvagal Institute and has developed Polyvagal-Informed Somatic Therapies based on 25 years immersion in Polyvagal Theory and pioneering work with survivors of torture and trauma. We are thrilled to be hosting her once again in Australia.


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  • In-Person Workshop

    Single Upfront - In-Person Training

    • EARLY BIRD RATE $575  – Full payment is due upfront by 24 December 2023
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    • TIER 3:  COMMUNITY $595  – For those with low incomes, caring responsibilities and from marginalised communities.

Equity scholarships available for people from marginalised communities and identities and those experiencing serious financial hardship.

Scholarship applications close 24 January 2024.