A community movement uniting people through the love of yoga, humanity and inspired action.

Sharing Humanity is a yoga movement that brings together people with diverse life experiences to build community and foster belonging, wellbeing, and freedom through the intersection of yoga and social change. It is about connecting with our shared humanity and celebrating our diversity, while making yoga more accessible and inclusive for all. 

Join us this 30th July, International Day of Friendship, at a Community Seed Pod event or through our 30-Day Online Embodiment Program 

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So many of us experience disconnection and isolation in our lives – within our bodies, our families, societies and even in our intimate relationships. Yet fundamental to our human experience is an innate desire to belong. 

Both yoga and neuroscience tell us that the doorways to true belonging are the body, mindful presence and relationship. By fully inhabiting our bodies and each moment, open and present to ourselves and each other, we begin to experience an innate sense of belonging, wellbeing and freedom. 

As we come to know ourselves, we come to see ourselves in every other human. We recognize our shared desires, struggles, and essence. We come to see that this life is both deeply personal and it is collective: we each walk our own unique path, but we do it together. What affects one, affects all. And so our lives begin to change, as we open to compassion, understanding and belonging – in our bodies, the world and with each other.

So Sharing Humanity works at the grassroots to share practices of embodiment, connection and understanding, so that we may all experience the true sense of belonging that is our birthright. 


We have discovered that the most powerful tools for true belonging are:

Creating safe and generative spaces to come together, connect and be kind with ourselves and each other;

Embodiment as a human right and a place of belonging (your body is your first home); and

Engaging in conversations and understandings that connect us to the heart of our shared humanity. 


Sharing Humanity has two ways to get involved – read on below to find out more and join us!



Building Community from the Ground Up

Sharing Humanity invites people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences to come together to create safe and generative spaces – small Community Seed Pods – to share food, stories, and practices of embodiment and understanding that connect us to our shared humanity, and spark personal and social change from the ground up.



30 days to Belonging in Your Body

Our 30-day Online Embodiment & Self-Care Program – “Belonging In Your Body” starts on 30th JULY 2019, running alongside the Sharing Humanity Seed Pods.

This program is for everyone who wants to feel at home in their own body, in the world. It’s simple, accessible and affordable.

Host or Join a Seed Pod Event – 30 July – 6 August 2019

People around the world are invited to host a ‘Seed Pod’ event in their own local community, during the week of International Day of Friendship – 30th July 2019.

We start at the grassroots and reach across our wider communities, societies and the globe. Think of a seed that, with the right nourishment, turns into a giant banyan tree with deep roots and vast branches that provides shelter and sustenance for many. This is our vision.

These small grassroots events are the platform for:

  • building community
  • sharing stories and engaging in conversation around our shared humanity
  • learning embodiment and self-care practices
  • building awareness around yoga and social justice issues
  • raising funds to support longer-term community yoga programs.

A Seed Pod might look like a 2.5 hour small community event of 6-10 people in a home, community center, library, park, other community space or online. Hosts are encouraged to bring together people from diverse lived experiences, where each person comes as an equal participant to share and learn from each other. You are welcome to follow our suggested guidelines or create your own event format. 

 What you will receive as a Seed Pod Host

  • An amazing local and global community of people passionate about yoga, humanity and social change
  • A comprehensive Resource Kit to support you in hosting your Seed Pod:
    • Seed Pod guidelines and tips for hosting a successful event
    • Awareness raising and fundraising guidelines and support
    • Resources to support you as a host – education pack, suggested embodiment activities and recorded practices resources, tips for hosting successful conversations
  • A free Facilitation Skills Webinar with Yoga for Humankind Director Mei Lai Swan 
  • A dedicated FB group for Seed Pod Hosts, for peer support and inspiration to help you create your Seed Pod, and to stay connected as an online global community
  • Free access to our 30-day Online Embodiment and Self-Care program, with early access to resources to support you with Seed Pod ideas and activities (your Seed Pod participants will also receive free access to our 30-day program)

Join our 30-day Online Program starting 30th July

Pre-register now to receive a free guided Grounding Meditation practice and be the first to know when registrations open!

Our 30-day program will teach you foundational embodiment and self-care practices, to help you truly belong in your own body and discover the connection between yoga, personal wellbeing and social change… from the comfort of your own home!

You will receive:

  • 10 short guided audio and video practices for belonging in your body: embodiment, mindfulness and self-care
  • A themed weekly education sheet including key facts, insights and the neuroscience behind the practices
  • Conversations with your body: guided daily journaling and contemplation to help you belong in your body and practice self-care
  • Short daily email reminders, including inspirational quotes, contemplations and mini-practices for being in your body and in the present moment
  • Online FB group for community discussions and support

We are committed to making yoga and embodiment accessible and inclusive.

Our 30-day program starts at only $30US as an introductory offer with the launch of Sharing Humanity.

All proceeds go to supporting the Sharing Humanity project.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the experience of fully inhabiting and belonging in your body. It means being present and alive to sensations, feelings, and experiences: to Life.

Your body is your first home. Yet for so many of us, we don’t have the experience of belonging in our own bodies, whether through culture, trauma, shame, or other life experiences or internalised messages from our society, family and institutions.

So embodiment is about reclaiming your birthright of belonging in your body. Of healing experiences of disconnection, trauma and isolation. Of feeling as safe and at home in your own body as possible. Of experiencing the fullness, innate joy and deep presence of life.


As well as building community and introducing people to the power of yoga and embodiment, Seed Pods are also an opportunity to     raise much-needed funds to support longer-term community yoga programs.  Find out about our partners below.

You can join our Seed Pod Fundraising Challenge by seeking sponsorship from your family, friends and community. We’ll provide you the guidelines, resources and tips for fundraising to make it as easy as possible!

We want it to be achievable for you, so you can set your own fundraising target, with a suggested minimum of $200 (or equivalent in your own currency).

If needed, you can use up to $100 of your funds raised to help cover costs for your Seed Pod event (e.g. venue hire, additional food or drinks), and the balance will be donated to one of our community organisation partners that you nominate. You can visit their websites to find out more about the fantastic work they do: 



Diverse community yoga programs in Melbourne, Australia



 Yoga programs in prisons across New Zealand



Trauma-informed yoga train-the-trainer programs for refugees



Community trauma-informed yoga trainings