Our 30-day Online Embodiment & Self-Care Program – “Belonging In Your Body” starts on 30th JULY 2019, running alongside our Sharing Humanity Seed Pods.

This program is for everyone who wants to feel at home in their own body, in the world. It’s simple, accessible and affordable.

30 days to belonging in your body 

Our 30-day program will teach you foundational embodiment and self-care practices, to help you truly belong in your own body and discover the connection between yoga, personal wellbeing and social change… from the comfort of your own home. 

You will receive:

  • 10+ short guided audio and video practices for belonging in your body: embodiment, mindfulness and self-care
  • A themed weekly education sheet including key facts, insights and the neuroscience behind the practices
  • Conversations with your body: guided daily journaling and contemplation to help you belong in your body and practice self-care
  • Short daily email reminders, including inspirational quotes, contemplations and mini-practices for being in your body and in the present moment
  • Online FB group for community discussions and support

We are committed to making yoga and embodiment accessible and inclusive.

Our 30-day program starts at only $30US as an introductory offer with the launch of Sharing Humanity.

All proceeds go to supporting the Sharing Humanity project.

What is Embodiment?

Embodiment is the experience of fully inhabiting and belonging in your body. It means being present and alive to sensations, feelings, and experiences: to Life.

Your body is your first home. Yet for so many of us, we don’t have the experience of belonging in our own bodies, whether through culture, trauma, shame, or other life experiences or internalised messages from our society, family and institutions.

So embodiment is about reclaiming your birthright of belonging in your body. Of healing experiences of disconnection, trauma and isolation. Of feeling as safe and at home in your own body as possible. Of experiencing the fullness, innate joy and deep presence of life.