Train with us in traditional and contemporary hatha, trauma-informed and community based yoga.

Our specialised trainings are for dedicated yoga practitioners wanting to deepen their practice and take the next step into the seat of teacher, community and health professionals wanting to integrate the tools and benefits of yoga in their work, and existing yoga teachers wanting to deepen their practice and teaching, and work effectively with different groups and needs within their own communities.

Our in-person trainings are sadly on hold for the time being during this global pandemic.

But we are excited to share our first online course – CONNECTED: A Journey to Personal & Collective Wellbeing.

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This is not “just another 200 hour yoga teacher training”

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Oct 2019 – Apr 2020, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

We believe that yoga is a life-long journey of learning, discovery and transformation.

We love that more and more people are wanting to share yoga with others because of the benefits they have received from it for themselves.

We also know that there are many out there who want to dive deeper into their own practice and transformation, and that yoga ‘teacher trainings’ are one of the main ways today in which we are able to journey deeper into the fullness of yoga. A 200 hour training is, for many of us, just the beginning of greater depth and dedication.

When you step into the seat of ‘teacher,’ it is not because of an achievement, a qualification, or even the number of ‘hours’ you have clocked. It is because you have been so touched and transformed by the practice of yoga that you almost have no other choice but to dedicate yourself to it as a way of life, and that the desire to share it simply shines through. It is also a seat that ultimately demands humility, authenticity and dedication. This is one of its many gifts.

Unfortunately there is no ‘perfect model’.

There are some recent thought-provoking and excellent articles out there questioning Is 200 hours enough to teach? and offering that the world does not need more yoga teachers. In so many ways, we agree and feel heartened that these important topics are being discussed.

However, we do believe that the world needs more wholehearted and wise individuals who have journeyed deeply into and transformed themselves, and who have cultivated the knowledge and skills to share their tools and experiences effectively if they feel called to do so.

We have witnessed and experienced first hand the incredible transformation that is possible when a small group of committed and passionate people come together for the purpose of personal and social change. And we also care deeply that what is being offered in the realm of ‘yoga teaching’ is of the highest quality for real personal and social impact.

So this is the intention behind our 200 hour foundational yoga teacher training, why it is more than 200 hours, and the reason that we believe wholeheartedly in offering it.


 Upcoming offerings

In addition to our 200 hour foundational YTT, we are committed to and excited about offering a range of advanced and stand-alone trainings and workshops for existing yoga teachers, community and health professionals, and individuals who wish to explore their own practice more deeply but not necessarily teach.


60 hr Trauma-informed & Community Yoga Certificate

 Auckland, NZ APR 2020

1-6 April 2020 (6 days total, non-residential)

London, UK MAY/JUN 2020

29 May – 3 Jun 2020 (6 days, non-residential)

 Tejakula, Bali AUG 2020

11-18 August 2020 (8 days, residential)


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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead