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Advanced and stand-alone trainings for existing yoga teachers and community & health professionals looking to integrate trauma-informed and somatic movement practices into their work.


60hr Trauma-informed & Community Yoga Certificate

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PLEASE NOTE: Our in-person trainings are sadly on hold for the time being during the global pandemic.

But we are excited to share our first online course – CONNECTED: A Journey to Personal & Collective Wellbeing.

Click here to find out more:

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1-6 April 2020 – Auckland, NEW ZEALAND (with Mei Lai Swan & guest teachers) – POSTPONED TO 18-23 NOV 2020                               Registrations via Rise Yoga

29 May – 3 June 2020 – London, UK (with Mei Lai Swan & Julia Midland, special focus on working with refugees) CANCELLED – STAY TUNED FOR NEW DATES IN 2021- Registrations  via The Ompowerment Project

11-18 August 2020 – Sidemen, BALI (with Mei Lai Swan & Jo Buick) –  POSTPONED TO 2021

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Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness, Sidemen, Bali 

11-18 August 2021 (7 nights, 8 days)

with Mei Lai Swan & Jo Buick

We are delighted to be hosting our 60hr training at the beautiful Nirarta Centre for Living Awareness in Sidemen, Bali in 2020. Nirarta is a spacious, beautiful retreat centre set amidst rice fields in a valley with jungle and volcanic views. There is a river running through the centre for swimming, and beautiful gardens to relax in. It is away from the hustle and bustle of Bali’s tourist centres, a perfect place for a restorative and immersive learning experience.


Please note all fees listed are in USD.

Training fees: USD $855 concession / $955 early bird (until 11 May 2020) / $1055 full


Accommodation & Meals: USD $495 twinshare / $725 single (very limited availability

Included in the fees: Beautiful Balinese accommodation and hospitality, 3 delicious vegetarian meals per day, transfers to/from Denpasar airport or Ubud, comprehensive training manual, two follow-up online group mentoring sessions, an inspiring global network of trauma-informed yoga practitioners and facilitators.

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We are delighted to be able to offer two types of scholarship opportunities to support access, diversity and representation in community yoga teaching:

Two full scholarships – applications close November 19 2019


Four partial scholarships of 40% off the early bird/concession rate – offered on a first-come, first-serve basis based on meeting the scholarship guidelines/merit.

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For our Bali 2020 60hr training, we are delighted to offer two types of scholarship opportunities to support access, diversity and representation in community yoga teaching:

Two full scholarships – applications close 11 June 2020 for Bali 2020 training

(for Balinese and Indonesian participants only)


Three partial scholarships of 30% off the training fees for the early bird rate – offered on a first-come, first-serve basis based on meeting the scholarship guidelines/merit.

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Yoga for Humankind’s 60hr Trauma-Informed + Community Yoga training is without doubt the best training I have ever had the privilege of receiving. New knowledge is created where disciplines cross over and the intersection of yoga, community work and trauma sensitive practice was stimulating, richly relational and experiential learning at its sweet nexus. Mei Lai Swan and Jo Buick are phenomenal teachers and I feel like I plunged into the deepest depths of my soul while being gently held at the same time by a community of wise, caring and resilient women. A lifechanging experience! I’m so excited to see this caring yoga community grow. So much love for Yoga for Humankind.

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Our 60hr certificate training in Trauma-informed and Community Yoga is designed for existing yoga teachers wishing to gain foundational theory and skills for teaching trauma-informed yoga with various community groups and settings, and for health and community professionals wishing to incorporate yoga and movement practices into their existing therapeutic skills.

Our approach emphasises evidence-based practice, experiential learning, and the importance of the broader global and local contexts in working with community groups, including cross-cultural practice, community development approaches and a social justice framework. The 60hrs includes online peer support and mentoring, and where possible, opportunities for getting involved directly in community programs with our partner organisations.

We draw from our own combined decades of learning and experience in yoga, social work, and community work, as well as from approaches and leaders in the field, including Amber Gray (Body As Voice somatic trauma therapy; Polyvagal-informed movement therapy); David Emerson & Bessel van der Kolk (Trauma Sensitive Yoga), Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons & Myra Avedon (Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy), Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen (Body-Mind Centering), Emilie Conrad (Continuum Movement) and more.

Our 60hr Certificate training offers:

  • Understanding trauma and the body, including evidence-based research on trauma theory, neurophysiology and the lived experience
  • Trauma-informed yoga & somatic movement practices and teaching skills (including in studio and community settings)
  • Foundations in culturally responsive and community based practices for yoga teaching
  • Foundations in understanding power, social justice, strengths-based and collaborative approaches
  • Seva (selfless service and inspired action) in a contemporary and global community-based context
  • Introduction to developing and delivering community based yoga programs
  • Personal transformation and leadership skills
  • Online support and mentoring for two months following the training

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I came away from Yoga for Humankind’s Trauma-informed and Community Yoga with a renewed sense of purpose and awareness. This training was the missing piece to the puzzle that I wasn’t aware was missing. It feels like the glue that puts things together for me, and has clarified exactly why I’ve been doing what it is I’m doing. It wasn’t always easy work, and at times it was quite confronting, but it definitely has been the most eye-opening, heartful, perspective shifting and affirming training program I have participated in. I am excited for the possibilities that lie ahead, and am grateful for the freedom to explore what this might look like.