Scholarship Opportunities


60hr Trauma-informed & Community Yoga Certificate

We are delighted to offer two types of scholarship opportunities to support access, diversity and representation in community yoga teaching.

Please make sure your read the application criteria below before applying for a scholarship.


                        TWO FULL SCHOLARSHIPS                  

For our Bali 2020 60hr training, we have two full scholarship places available for Balinese or Indonesian yoga teachers.

Please write to meilai@yogaforhumankind.org to express your interest. 



of 30% off the training fees at the early bird rate

Offered on a first-come, first-serve basis based on meeting the scholarship guidelines/merit.

To apply for a partial scholarship, please complete the general registration form and tick the appropriate box to receive the scholarship application form. (Please note you do not need to pay the deposit until your scholarship application has been reviewed).


These scholarships are intended to provide greater access for people from diverse groups and life experiences to teach yoga within their own and other community groups and settings. 

You are welcome to apply if you:

  • are a yoga teacher, community or health professional or related (or studying in one of these fields)
  • have at least two years’ yoga experience (if you are not a yoga teacher)
  • identify with one or more under-represented or marginalised groups (e.g. socio-economically disadvantaged, culturally and linguistically diverse, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, LGBQTI, person with a disability, refugee or asylum seeking background, veteran, full time carer, or other); and
  • have limited financial resources to access or afford yoga trainings.