A Continuum Workshop with Amber Gray


We are born to move. Movement is a primary language that connects our inner and outer worlds. Movement is reflection and expression; our outer actions reflect our inner landscape. It is the basis of all human action that connects us to the places, spaces and people we love.

Continuum is a movement practice that is inspired by sounding and fluid, moving sequences innate to your own body. It is mindful movement: increasing your awareness and focusing your attention on the deepest stirrings beneath each impulse, movement and action. By tapping into your body’s own sense of intelligence and justice, this practice is a portal for cultivating deep self-compassion and presence, for heartfull action in your own life and in the world.

As experience carves new neural pathways and expands the capacity of our brain, so innovations in our movement and action might increase our capacity to connect to the worlds around us.

Engaging in our heart’s call for connection and evolution’s gift of neuro- and Bioplasticity™, this 3-day immersion is an opportunity to explore your own uniquely embodied pathway to fully engaged compassionate sensing, feeling, dreaming, creating, moving and living.

No prior experience required.

To find out more about Continuum, visit:

DATES: 14-16 February 2020

TIMES: 11am – 5pm

VENUE: Augustine Hall, Habitat Uniting Church, Hawthorn

COST: $520 concession/early bird (before 14 Nov), $580 full

About Amber Gray (US)

International Presenter Amber Gray is a longtime practitioner of body-centered arts and sciences, and an advocate of human rights. She is an authorised Continuum teacher, a yoga teacher, a somatic psychotherapist and an award winning dance movement therapist. She has worked internationally and nationally as an activist, artist, mental health professional, and a trainer/consultant on behalf of victims of human rights abuses for over twenty-five years. We are proud to have her in our core faculty at Yoga for Humankind and to be hosting her independent trainings and events in Melbourne.

Find out more about Amber and her work here.