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Join us in Bali for our Community Yoga Retreat – accessible, affordable and restorative

10-16 July 2018, Pemuteran


Our Re-Connect community yoga retreat, guided by Mei Lai Swan, is a unique and affordable opportunity to come together in the beauty of remote north-west Bali to reconnect with ourselves, each other and nature through yoga, somatic movement, inquiry and a nurturing environment.

Sun Suko Boutique Retreat in Pemuteran will be our home for the week – a boutique luxury retreat centre tucked away in a quiet street with a view of the mountains and only 10-15 mins walk to the beautiful sandy beach.

For accessibility, affordability and personal preferences, the retreat offers a more ‘casual’ program and tiered pricing options.

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• daily 2.5hr morning practice (meditation, pranayama, asana, chanting)
• daily 1.5-2hr workshop/exploration (time of day will vary according to other activities)
• 2-3 x evening programs of gentle practice and/or kirtan

All sessions are optional, and additional sessions may be negotiated if desired by the group. The practices will emerge according to the needs and desires of the group.

The rest of the time, participants will be free to relax or to explore the stunning surroundings and temples of Pemuteran and the nearby national park, including diving, snorkeling and guided walking tours – far away from the main tourist hustle and bustle elsewhere in Bali. The area is home to one of Bali’s best dive sites and its only protected national park, and it’s also possible to snorkel right off the calm and quiet beach, and see the inspiring ‘biorock’ coral regrowth project.

Dedicated to cultivating inspired community, there is plenty of time for adventure, stimulating conversations, relaxing on the beach, getting local Balinese massage and spa treatments, going deeper into your yoga practice with like-minded people, or discovering the local fishing and village culture.

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Boutique accomm + breakfast (6 nights):
$300US onsite twinshare/double ($375AUD)
$600US single ($750AUD)
(Note: limited availability; some rooms may have higher prices, depending on numbers and availability)
SLIDING SCALE Yoga fees (6 days): $240-400US ($300-500AUD) per person, according to financial ability

$540-700US twin/double ($675-$875AU)
$840-1000US single ($1050-$1250AU)

* Includes accommodation and breakfast for those staying onsite, + yoga program
* Excludes airfares, airport transfers, additional meals and activities

A minimum of 3-6 participants are required, staying onsite twinshare or single. Additional guests may stay onsite, room prices may be higher according to the type of room; or additional guests may stay offsite, with plenty of accommodation options for different budgets nearby. Families are also welcome (children will need to be minded whilst attending yoga classes, local babysitting can be arranged).

For those staying offsite, the fee will only be the sliding scale yoga fees ($240-400US). Participants will arrange their own accommodation (recommendations can be offered, and breakfast is available at the resort from the menu or pre-arranged).

Payments for this retreat can be made in either USD or AUD.