30hr Yoga, Social Justice & Spirit

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30hr Yoga, Social Justice & Spirit

5 Week Live Online Training

with Mei Lai Swan, Jarmbi & Global Guest Facilitators

A collaboration between Yoga for Humankind & We Al-li – Australian Indigenous Trauma Healing Organisation

“Announcement: Due to various reasons, we will be postponing the upcoming round of
Yoga, Social Justice & Spirit to January 2022. We apologise for the schedule change.”

Please note new dates and times: 18 Jan – 18 Feb 2022,
live session times 7-9pm AEDT (Australia).

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Explore the connections between yoga, social justice and spirit, and your own role in embodied social change for a world grounded in love, wellbeing and equity for all.

This training offers a journey of reconnection with your own wisdom, nature, and an embodied way of being in the world and with each other through teachings from yoga, indigenous knowledge and contemporary social justice.

We are excited to be offering this unique program in collaboration with We Al-li, bringing unique insights into indigenous knowledge and culturally-informed trauma healing.

This 30hr training can be taken stand-alone or as part of our 100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change.

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Join our global learning community in embodied social change, for personal and collective wellbeing.

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Registrations for the individual module will be opening soon, or you can register for our full 100hr Certification now.

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Key Program Details

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Dates: 18 January – 18 February 2022 (5 weeks)

Live Session Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • 7-9pm Australia (AEDT)
  • 5-7pm Asia (GMT +8)

Please click here for other time zones or to confirm time for your exact location.

This interactive and transformational online learning journey includes:

  • Guided 5 week program
  • 10 x 2 hour live interactive learning sessions via Zoom
  • Additional live and recorded guest facilitator presentations
  • Small group discussions and dedicated community forum
  • Guided personal reflections and activities
  • Recorded embodiment and contemplative practices
  • Additional learning resources and activities
  • A global community of practice

The course is approximately 6 hours learning per week.

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    What will I learn?

    This program provides essential foundations in yoga and social justice, with a holistic integration of indigenous perspectives, wisdom and practice.

    As part of an inspired global learning community, you will learn, explore and experience:

    • The intersections between personal and collective wellbeing through yoga, social justice and indigenous wisdom.
    • How to weave the worlds of our inner and outer lives through practices of connection, ceremony, and embodied wisdom to heal and transform our personal and collective trauma.
    • Embodied practices for personal and collective resilience, care and transformation to support the uncomfortable but essential work of personal and social change.
    • Understanding social justice foundations of power, equality and equity, systems of privilege and oppression, racism and colonisation.
    • Unpacking cultural appropriation, cultural fitness and how we can decolonise yoga, wellbeing and social justice practice.
    • Exploring your own social position, purpose and role in the social change ecosystem.
    • Practical tools and inspiration for creating embodied social change through yoga, activism and community.

      To deepen and enhance your skills and learning, you can combine this program with our other course modules to complete our comprehensive 100hr Certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga & Embodied Social Change.    

      Please note the next foundational module (Trauma-Informed Yoga Foundations) will commence in June 2021 with suitability for Australia, US and Asia time zones. 

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      This program is designed for:

      Anyone interested in exploring and integrating the intersections of spirituality, social justice, indigenous wisdom, trauma-informed practice and embodied social change. It is a journey of learning, healing and homecoming – for our personal and collective wellbeing.

      In particular, this is essential learning for: 

      • Yoga teachers and practitioners wishing to explore the fundamental connections between yoga, social justice and indigenous wisdom: to understand your own place, practice and role, to share yoga that is truly honouring, inclusive and culturally aware, and to be part of creating embodied social change within an inspired global community.
      • Community and health professionals interested in the intersections of trauma healing, spirituality, and social justice, to create authentic, culturally safe and embodied practices and spaces for personal and collective wellbeing and equity.

      • Social justice and community activists wishing to deepen in embodied and spirit-centred practice, and explore alternative ways of being, doing and changemaking from the wisdom of yoga, indigenous traditions and pleasure activism.

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      Prerequisites & CEU

      There are no prerequisites for this program, all are welcome.

      To receive a certificate and be eligible for CEU through Yoga Alliance, you must complete live attendance at a minimum of 50% of the live learning sessions, plus relevant learning activities and short assignments. This is to support your own learning, engagement and integration, and to build a strong community of learning and embodied social change. All live sessions will be recorded and downloadable.

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      The Collaboration & Facilitators – Meet We Al-li & Jarmbi

      This program is a special collaboration between Yoga for Humankind and We Al-li. It is led by Mei Lai Swan and Jarmbi Gidabul with a range of guest facilitators from We Al-li and social changemakers from around the world including Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr,  Professor Judy Atkinson and Dr. Carlie Atkinson.

      We Al-li is Australia’s leading Indigenous trauma healing and education organisation. Sharing the work of Emeritus Professor Judy Atkinson and her daughter Dr. Carlie Atkinson, of Jiman and Bundjalung heritage, We Al-li offers a Culturally Informed Trauma Integrated Healing Approach to individuals, family, community and organisations. Their work is grounded in indigenous culture, wisdom and practice, social justice, social work and contemporary trauma healing theory and practice.

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      About Jarmbi

      “Everything to do with being a human being starts with being grounded, here, on this Earth… Know what that actually feels like to be held here by the Earth. And we all have a right to it, and we all have that connection already. It’s a human right.

      I am sharing my understanding of grounding and connecting that I have learnt through the course of my life. This understanding has helped myself and others to become more connected to their truth, their place here and as a way forward into the responsibility of their role at this time.”

      Jarmbi is a regional custodian of the Northern Rivers on the east coast of Australia, in Bundjalung country. Through his own journey of healing and deep connection with culture and spirit, Jarmbi guides people to the natural wisdom of who they are through culturally informed trauma healing, ceremony, earth connection and social activism. His teaching is a way of being and knowing that is grounded, connected and engaged.

      Deeply committed to community activism and connection to wisdom, he works with both indigenous and non-indigenous communities, focusing on the intersecting issues of sovereignty, environment, human rights and trauma healing. He has also shared his work internationally through talks, workshops and ceremony.  A We Al-li Cultural Facilitator, Jarmbi carries the work of culturally informed trauma-integrated healing with integrity and embodied experience.

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      About Mei Lai 

      Mei Lai Swan is the founder and lead facilitator of Yoga for Humankind. Dedicated to the paths of yoga, meditation and community for over 20 years, Mei Lai is an experienced yoga teacher trainer and certified Embodied Flow facilitator with a professional background in music, community development and social work. She specialises in embodied practice, trauma-informed yoga, social justice and nada yoga (sound and mantra). 

      Mei Lai is passionate about creating authentic spaces for fostering conversation, building community and sharing practices of embodied social justice and collective wellbeing.

      With a BA in International Development/Environmental Studies and a Master of Social Work, Mei Lai spent six years working in remote Aboriginal communities running community development programs, before returning to Melbourne to run psychosocial programs with people seeking asylum. She has trained broadly in somatic-based trauma therapy, counselling, and Trauma Centre Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY-F) and has combined these skills to deliver individual counselling, group work programs, and specially-tailored yoga programs for asylum seekers, refugees, disadvantaged youth, and people experiencing chronic pain and trauma.

      She is a doula, founder, previous CEO and ongoing board director of Birth for Humankind, a non-profit organisation  providing free birth support to women experiencing socio-economic disadvantage.

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      We are committed to offering trainings that are of the highest quality, affordable and accessible. Equity and reciprocity are at the heart of how we work.   

      We, like many others, have found that the greatest engagement and benefit comes when there is a meaningful, mutual exchange. We also recognise that we live in systems of inequity. 

      For these reasons, we offer tiered pricing and invite you to reflect on your access to resources and privilege, the value of the work, what you can genuinely afford, and what you might pay for comparable training programs.   

      [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”1_3″ _builder_version=”3.20.2″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.20.2″ inline_fonts=”Lora”]Individual Module Pricing[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text _builder_version=”3.20.2″]

      All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

      TIER 1: $795 – For those who are financially well-resourced. Reflects the value of the course in Western economic markets.

      TIER 2: $675 – For those on medium incomes and access to financial resources.

      TIER 3: $545 – For those on low incomes, caring responsibilities and from marginalised communities.

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      In addition to our tiered pricing, we also have scholarships available for:

      1) People from non-western / low-economy countries and financially marginalised communities, who otherwise would be unable to access a training such as this.

      2) People experiencing serious personal / financial hardship.

      Registrations for the individual module will be opening soon. Please stay tuned or you can enrol in/apply for a scholarship for our full 100hr Certification now.

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      Registrations for the individual module will be opening soon, or you can register for our full 100hr Certification now.

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      There are many ways we pay it forward: 10% of your course fee goes directly to supporting community yoga programs around the world. Check out one of our charity partners here and the incredible work they do: KRAMA YOGA CAMBODIA.